Horse stall partitions serve as the dividing walls between stalls – or as an end wall – and just like your stall fronts, they’re an integral part of your horses’ home. Choosing a partition style should involve thought as to your horses’ personalities, how the partition will integrate with the rest of your barn and weather elements such as air flow and temperature.

Our horse stall dividers come in three styles. The all grill top stall partitions afford the ultimate in socialization and air flow, allowing your horses to see each other and for air circulation to flow between each stall. If you have temperamental horses or stallions, choose the solid wood partitions for total privacy and to prevent any issues at feeding time. We also offer horse stall partitions that are the best of both worlds. Featuring a combination of grill and wood on the top, they allow your horses private time if they choose or some bonding time if they don’t.

Adding safety and elegance to your barn, they are designed to integrate beautifully with our horse stalls. Strong and durable, practical and functional, our horse stall partitions have unequaled quality and style.


The stall fronts are absolutely elegant and beautifully made. The wood/steel/ glass doors function beautifully, are amazingly sturdy and add elegance and light to the barn. The hardwood adds such a rich color, texture and comforting feel. It is also easy to keep clean. The people at Innovative Equine were a joy to work with - from the first stages of design to the final installation of their products. Their service and support is unmatched in the industry. — Marcy W., Columbus, NC