In 1996, we started Innovative Equine Systems selling only fencing materials. Over the next few years, we recognized the need for a one-stop source for equine facility design, structures, and products and spent years researching and designing the products we now offer. Only the most exceptional, the safest and the most beautiful products in our industry make it into our product line.

If you are planning to build or remodel your barn, please contact us for free consultation services or a free quotation on any of the items you need. We offer individual items as components for your remodel or a complete, turn key package from design to completion. We hope to have the chance to work with you.

An Important note about stalls, doors and partitions and the installation process:
Stall fronts from Innovative Equine Systems are manufactured to order and usually come in three pieces as components—a door and two wings.  That is for our sliders as well as our hinged doors.  Dutch doors arrive with jamb frames in (3) pieces as well as the upper and lower doors. Barn doors come as large frames in (1) piece for single slider and in (2) frames for barn door pairs.  Although they arrive as components (not a kit) these steel frames are still awkward and manufactured from heavy gauge steel. (see freight acknowledgement for arrival and off-loading in our Conditions of Sale).  There are certain skills required for installation.  i.e. using hammer drills for concrete anchoring, battery powered drills and wrenches needed for wall and wood/latch attachment as well as a table and cut off saw in order to install wood infill.  Although we attach the latching systems prior to leaving our warehouse as well as cross cut hardwood (if you ordered from us), in order to alleviate added work at the job site, there is still hardware attachments and added labor that is required after arrival and during the installation process.

If, as the owner you wish to have someone knowledgeable on-site to oversee or consult with you or your General Contractor during the installation process for one or more days, we now offer that service throughout the U.S. as an option to our clients and quoted upon requested.  Although most General Contractors understand from instructions how to install our products, in some circumstances and even with trained and well qualified builders, this service may substantially reduce the overall cost of your installation.  For phone installation help (although not the same as being on site) we are available to answer your questions free of charge.