The Savannah horse stall is an open, low stall front designed for both post and beam construction AND clear span buildings. Each stall consists of two beautifully curved wings with grill tops and horizontal panels and a centered, hinged door with tightly spaced grill openings and matching horizontal panels.

Heavy duty door posts sit on thick, curved base plates that mimic the curve of the post. The door threshold is left completely free, a great safety feature that eliminates any obstacle that would cause a stumble. Most clients mount a corner feeder inside their stall, so we’ve crafted a convenient grain opening into one side of the stall wing, making feeding an easy chore.




  • Centered and hinged stall door with horizontal panels upper and lower and a full grill bottom

  • Mortised finger latch hidden with scalloped steel gussets

  • Adjustable latch plate

  • Wood sandwiched between double rolled channel and ends hidden with beautiful, scalloped steel gussets

  • Adjustable door hinges

  • Curved base plates made of 3/8″ thick steel

  • Upper grills 3″ O.C. and lower grills 2″ O.C.

  • Powder coated OR hot dip galvanized

  • Low and open stall front for the socialization on which horses thrive

  • Designed for post and beam construction OR clear span buildings

  • Mix and match with our high stall front – the Lexington

  • Heavy gauge steel for premium security

  • Tightly spaced grills so hooves don’t get caught

  • Door hinges are adjustable so installation takes less time

  • Safety finger latch lets you open the stall door from inside or outside of the stall – and with just one hand

  • Stall post base plate doesn’t protrude into door opening, preventing a horse from stumbling

  • Solid flat brass finials with hidden attachments

  • Round brass ball finials

  • Partition post “hubs” for clear span structures

  • Tongue and groove exotic hardwood

  • Grain feed opening

  • Rotating grain feed door with cast aluminum feeder

  • Night latches for extra security