WeCover Fabric Roof Arenas

Once you experience the light and airy feel of a WeCover arena, other arenas will pale in comparison. Designed specifically to enhance your riding experience, a WeCover arena is an engineered, fabric roof design. There are no support beams to ride around and with the open air and natural light, you’ll feel like you are riding outdoors.

Run, jump or play in the perfect conditions all year round inside your WeCover arena. Nothing compares to the perfect riding environment that both horse and rider will love to experience.

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WeCover riding arenas are engineered with a fabric roof design that fits your estate’s architectural elegance outside, while offering bright natural light, fresh air and an awe inspiring wide open space inside. With the durability and integrity of hot dipped, galvanized tube construction and durable fabric roofing, WeCover structures are engineered for strength and versatility. They can be combined with any type of siding, from stone to traditional barn board, to give the appearance of a traditional barn on the outside while on the inside, WeCover structures offer freespan clearance of up to 200 feet, with virtually limitless possibilities for custom design.


WeCover structures are designed with twelve foot wide sections, unlike twenty foot sections in traditional buildings. This has two benefits: superior strength and the fact that the fabric roofing panels can be easily replaced if necessary. The fabric roofs are engineered to handle snow loads up to 100 pounds per square foot and winds of up to 140 miles per hour and each structure is backed by a pro-rated warranty on fabric which offers extra peace of mind.

Structures engineered specifically for your location to ensure adequate snow & wind loads.

Hot dip galvanized steel trusses for corrosion protection.

12 foot truss span for greater structural integrity.


We’ve had our WeCover for two years now and we love the how quiet the fabric roof is, even with heavy rain or hail, it’s only a soft tapping. We appreciate the soft, even lighting through the fabric roof, it’s far better than artificial lighting and our horses never get spooked by shadows. We enjoy the openness of the structure, allowing a connection with the outdoor environment and having the advantages of both indoor and outdoor conditions. The cost of our WeCover was considerably less than the fixed indoor arena structure that we might have built. Dr. Charlyn Belluzzo