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Automatic Horse Waterers

This is a fabulous automatic waterer, designed with ease of use, low maintenance and safety for your horses in mind. Made of heavy, molded polyethlene, it is extremely rugged and has no metal parts to rust. It maintains water levels with a completely enclosed float, mounted so water valves and connections are out of reach and out of sight of the horses.

The bowls are easy to clean - just place a bucket underneath, unscrew the plug (mounted underneath the waterer so that horses can't loosen it) and swish your hand around the inside. While any dirty water is draining through the bottom of the waterer into the bucket, fresh cool water is pouring in. It's a really cost effective automatic waterer for both stalls and pastures. A dovetail fitting is included to mount on a stall wall, on fencing, in your pasture, or anywhere in the field you can run a water line. Optional heaters are available for colder climates.

Automatic horse waterer

  • Low maintenance - no expensive parts to replace
  • No sharp edges and no metal parts that rust
  • All working parts hidden or enclosed
  • Easy to clean
  • Optional heaters available
  • 12"w x 16"d x 16"h
  • Bowl holds approximately 1 gallon of water

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