Horse stall partition

Custom fabricated to your specifications, our stall partitions are fully welded and come in three styles. For those desiring total privacy for their horses, choose our all wood top/wood bottom component partitions. Our grill top/wood bottom component partitions will give your horses added ventilation and socialization. And our grill top with privacy panel stall partition gives you the best of both worlds – the front third (or even two thirds, if you’d like) of the top section is wood so that your horses can have privacy while they’re eating, and the remaining portion of the top section is grilled so that they can still see their friends in the next stall.

We also offer stand alone partitions, partitions for wash racks and custom partitions for other areas of your barn – check out the bathroom stall partitions we fabricated for a client in the photo gallery below.

Please enjoy the photos below, shared by the owners of their new stall partitions. For features, benefits and options, see summary at right.

Stall partition photo gallery


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