Equiterr stall and paddock flooring

EquiTerr paddock and stall flooring

EquiTerr is a paddock and stall flooring product that is just THE most fabulous way to keep paddocks and stall floors level and dry. The honeycomb shaped panels, made of HDPE (high density polyethylene), are installed over a sub-base of crushed rock, such as decomposed granite, stone dust, or screenings, and create a percolating-type foundation. The panels are then filled with crushed rock for a level, drainable, permanent stall floor or paddock area.

EquiTerr not only promotes drainage and prevents horses from pawing ruts into the dirt, but is truly a huge money saver. Because it prevents top-base materials from mixing with the sub-base, you’ll stop the endless cycle of bringing in truckloads of gravel and sand and rock. You’ll also save a ton on bedding when using EquiTerr as your stall flooring. Instead of being solely absorbed by bedding, the urine now percolates down through the and sub soils.

It is a cost effective, easy to install, permanent stall and paddock flooring solution. It also works wonderfully in and around areas that are prone to become muddy and mucky, such as pasture gates, around outside waterers and along fence lines. No more suckin’ a shoe off! Call us for a free quote today.

Please enjoy the photos below, shared by the owners of their new EquiTerr. The last 6 photos feature a complete installation. For features, benefits and options, see summary at right.

EquiTerr Stall and Paddock Flooring Photo Gallery


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