Savannah horse stalls

Horse Stalls

If you’re looking for an extraordinary horse stall – perhaps even The Perfect Stall – look no further than our complete line of classic and unique styles that feature the beauty of old-world, artisan design and the highest quality steel, hardwoods, and attachment hardware. Our matching stall partitions, Dutch doors and barn windows are fabricated using the same degree of craftsmanship and excellence in design. For more information and photo galleries, please click on a picture below.

Savannah Horse Stall

The Savannah is our most elegant – and most requested – horse stall, and is one of the five hinged-style stall fronts that we offer. This European style sports a low front for socialization and a grill door for added ventilation. The Savannah is the ultimate in horse stall design and function.

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Savannah horse stall

Rubicon Horse Stall

Our Rubicon stall is also designed in the European tradition and features a wood door for added security. It was awarded the distinct honor of being named “The Perfect Stall” by Dr. Karen Hayes, DVM, noted equestrian author and veterinary.

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Rubicon horse stall

Lexington Horse Stall

The Lexington is pure class and was designed for our clients who liked the features of the Savannah horse stall but wanted a hinged door with a high stall front. This stall is perfect for stallions or horses needing to be fully contained.

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Lexington horse stall

Cheyenne Horse Stall

The Cheyenne is one of several sliding stall fronts we offer and features a centered, rather than off-set, door which makes the “wings” stronger and more attractive. This high stall front is an affordable solution for boarding/breeding facilities or in barns where a horses’ personality might not be known.

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Cheyenne horse stall

Monterey Horse Stall

The Monterey stall is a fancier version of our Cheyenne. Also used in barns where a greater degree of security is provided via the high stall door, this stall’s grilled tops and wood bottoms sport horizontal wood panels for additional security and beauty.

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Monterey horse stall

Montana Horse Stall

The Montana was designed for post and beam or clear span construction. This sliding stall is a component system with a centered full grill door for increased ventilation and horizontal wood panels for that extra touch of class and strength.

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Montana horse stall

Durango Horse Stall

The Durango horse stall – another hinged style – is a unique and affordable version of our European style stalls. Your horses still enjoy the “hello, buddy!” experience of being able to stick their necks over the stall front, but the linear style is easier on your pocketbook.

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Durango horse stall