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Innovative Equine Systems

Rubber Flooring and Stall Flooring

There are a lot of options these days for barn flooring, stall flooring and paddock flooring, and shopping around for the best product and the best value can be confusing. Innovative Equine Systems sells a superior line of safe, unique, natural and low-priced flooring for your barn, stalls and paddocks. We're here to help you cut through the hype and find the right product at the right price.
Evopave interlocking rubber pavers
What makes our product different? Let's start with extraordinary service, backed up by free quotations and free samples. We want you to compare our products and our pricing, and to touch and feel the difference between our product and theirs. A smart shopper is an informed shopper - ask about regrind when you're shopping for rubber horse flooring. Regrind is a type of rubber that has been recycled from the waste of a recycled product - in other words, it's recycled twice. And although you may find regrind at a cheaper price, you can be assured that it's also a cheaper quality product with a shorter lifespan. You don't want to have to pull your flooring up after a couple of years - buy the right product the first time.

Our rubber flooring - never a regrind - is fully elastic, weather proof, water permeable, frost proof, durable and slip resistant. Your horses will benefit from the non-slip, soft cushion underfoot and you'll benefit from the decreased clean-up time, the improved acoustics, and the beauty that our rubber interlocking pavers, beveled tiles and paddock flooring add to your facility.

Being kind to the environment is so important these days. Our flooring is not made from the synthetic rubber our competitors use. Instead, we use a recycled natural rubber, an obvious choice for those building green. 220,000,000 tires are thrown away each year - just in the U.S. alone. Buying your barn and stall flooring from Innovative Equine Systems not only improves and beautifies your barn, it also helps the planet.
Evopave interlocking rubber pavers in barn aisle
We want your horses and your barn to be safe, without sacrificing quality or beauty. We want you to spend more time with your horses and less time cleaning and maintaining your flooring. And we want you to do it with more money in your pocket.

Check out the many types of flooring we offer, and think outside the box when you're reviewing your options. These products are also a great choice for veterinary clinics, dog kennels, walking paths, pool and patio decks, restaurant kitchens, weight rooms and garage floors.

So...you've finally found a quality product - that will keep your horses safe - and make your barn beautiful - delivered with unrivaled customer service. And to top it off, we have contractor and quantity pricing available. The choice is clear. Call us for a free estimate today.

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Evopave Versatile ArmorGrip
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