Barn Accessories

A barn accessory should be practical, economical, low maintenance, and easy on the eyes. Our line of barn supplies features unique and innovative items to complete the interior of your barn and most are simply must-haves. These are high quality accessories for your barn – no imports or cheaply made products here. Ours are built to last a lifetime. And all of our steel fabricated products are powder coated for beauty and longevity – and as a bonus, they pair beautifully with our horse stalls.

We know your tack is important to you, so our saddle racks are heavy duty steel and exotic hardwood – not weeny wire frames with plastic parts. Our bridle racks aren’t little horseshoes with a hook – they’re beefy and generously proportioned to fit the crown of your bridles so as not to crease the leather. A couple of different horse blanket and saddle pad options let you store them in style.

Quit carrying water buckets and order one of our automatic waterers. We sell a lot of them for a reason – they’re affordable and they work, either in your stall or pasture. Another automated item is our insect control system – this IS a must-have for the health of your horses and the automated part saves you so much time. Just set the timer and the system will take it from there. And from our unique door magnets that make keeping your door open a much safer process to a rotating wash wand that lets you walk circles around your horse at bath time, you’re going to find something you have to have right here.

Customize your barns’ interior, improve the health of your horses and increase safety in your barn with these must have barn accessories. And check back often, as we continually strive to offer new and exciting products for you and your horses.

Commercial grade tack accessories, including saddle racks, bridle racks and blanket racks, that will add a touch of class to your barn
Automatic waterers that don’t cost an arm and a leg and are easy to clean and maintain
Insect control systems that will leave your barn and horses bug free
Rotating wash wands that will greatly simplify the chore of washing your horses
Hold open door magnets that will make your doors safer

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Automatic Insect Control System

Before the prevalence of West Nile virus, insect control was important in the arsenal of every public or private equestrian facility – it’s now essential. We carry a complete line of Auto Mist automatic insect control systems to fit any barn or exterior home configuration, as well as insecticides and parts for existing systems. For over 25 years, Auto Mist systems have been successfully used for the elimination of disease causing bugs.

Without the annoyance and health hazard that flies and other biting insects cause, you and your horses will feel less stress and annoyance and you’ll decrease the likelihood of expensive vet bills. And residential clients in humid areas with lots of annoying and biting insects are now able to truly enjoy their outside decks, porches and patios after installing an insect system.

Available in 55-gallon sizes

Call for price

Automatic insect control system

Automatic Horse Waterer

This is a fabulous automatic waterer, designed with ease of use, low maintenance and safety for your horses in mind. Made of heavy, molded polyethylene, it is extremely rugged and has no metal parts to rust. It maintains water levels with a completely enclosed float, mounted so water valves and connections are out of reach and out of sight of the horses.

The bowls are easy to clean – just place a bucket underneath, unscrew the plug (mounted underneath the waterer so that horses can’t loosen it) and swish your hand around the inside. While any dirty water is draining through the bottom of the waterer into the bucket, fresh cool water is pouring in. It’s a really cost effective automatic waterer for both stalls and pastures. A dovetail fitting is included to mount on a stall wall, on fencing, in your pasture, or anywhere in the field you can run a water line. Optional heaters are available for colder climates.

Bowl holds approximately 1 gallon of water; 12″w x 16″d x 16″h; 9 lbs.

NEW LOW PRICE! $110 without heater | $180 with heater

Automatic horse waterer

Horse Stall Heater

Unless you live in a temperate climate, your horses will really appreciate a bit of warmth in the winter. And if one of your babies ever gets sick or injured, a warm stall is essential. Our infrared horse stall and barn heaters are an economical choice for supplying the comfort they need.

Infrared heaters are designed to heat objects rather than air so you’re not wasting your dollars on heating something that won’t appreciate the warmth. The objects (including your horses) then heat the surrounding air – extremely efficient! And while forced air heaters may seem warmer, they’re hugely inefficient and expensive because of the drafty, uninsulated nature of barns. Not to mention the noise they give off is loud and the blowing nature of that kind of heater stirs up unhealthy particulates.

A healthy horse is a happy horse, and the sun-like quality of infrared heat is the kind horses appreciate.

30,000 – 40,000 BTU; 30 1/4″L x 19 1/4″W x 12″H; 10-12′ mounting height; 25 lbs.


Infrared horse stall heater

Horse Stall Fans

Air circulation in your barn is critical for your horses’ health and our horse stall fans help to keep the air moving.

A fan keeps your horse from overheating, which is very stressful and can cause health issues. When you provide the proper ventilation, you’re ensuring that your barn is cooler, that condensation doesn’t have a chance to develop, and that the air is fresher and healthier.

These are agricultural fans – not box fans – and were designed to be used in barns, which means you don’t have the fire risk associated with unsealed motors. These motors are completely enclosed and maintenance free, and they’re super quiet and very energy efficient. You should mount one in each stall at a height of 12′ or higher for optimal air movement. Ceiling mount bracket included – optional wall mount bracket available. They’re 20″ in diameter and have a 1/3 h.p. motor. Available in black or white.

20″ diameter; motor specs: 1/3 hp, 115/230 volts, 3.8/1.9 amps, 1725 rpm, 5473 cfm, 4.26 thrust (lbf).

$290 | Bracket: $35

Horse stall fans

Cast Aluminum Grain Feeder

Our solid, cast aluminum feeder is designed to mount in our rotating feed door, but can also be simply mounted to a stall wall. It makes feeding so much easier and is simply indestructible. From outside the stall, simply rotate the feeder door into the aisle, fill, and rotate it back. Super slick!

Bowl holds 12 quarts. 20″w x 12″d x 6″h


Cast aluminum grain feeder

Corner Grain Feeder

This horse feeder, made of a durable, polyethylene plastic, has no metal parts to rust and features rounded edges so there are no points to injure your horses and is perfect for feeding grain. The top lip is rolled back inside making it difficult for grain to escape. It installs permanently with bolts or can be used with your snap clips for shows. Available in light blue. dark blue. light green, dark green, red, burgundy, purple, tan, gray, granite gray, black, and white.

Bowl holds 20 quarts. 24″w x 15″d x 9″h


Corner grain feeder

Rotating Wash Wand

The old saying about “imitation is the sincerest form of flattery” definitely applies to this innovative barn accessory! One of our competitors thought that our rotating wash wand was such a great product that they actually duplicated our proprietary design and are now selling it under the same name! We thank them for the compliment! Remember that ours comes with absolutely every part you’ll need, right down to the actual hose nozzle.

This unique wash wand adds convenience and safety to your barn. The wand rotates a full 360° to prevent you or your horse from tripping on a hose under foot. Built to last with stainless steel and solid brass fittings, this rotating unit hangs from your ceiling. A must for every equine facility trying to keep things neat and safe.


Rotating wash wand

Door Magnets

These magnets are great for holding your stall and Dutch doors open, and translate to greater safety in your barn. Just give the door a push to lock it in place with the magnet – a gentle tug releases the door. With a simple wall attachment mounted to your hinged doors, this magnet works well with shutters, Dutch doors and stall fronts. Keep you and your horses safe and add these great magnets to all of your hinged barn doors.

63 lb. holding force. 3″ deep with a 2 ¾” diameter

Hold open door magnet

Saddle Racks

These are not your ordinary saddle racks! Innovative Equine Systems’ saddle racks display and store your saddles beautifully and are designed to last. Each is made from heavy gauge steel, comes with exotic hardwood on which your saddle will rest, and is powder coated – not painted – in an elegant gloss black. Our previous style included both 2-post and 3-post versions, which have been thoughtfully redesigned into a single-post version to allow for more flexible spacing options between your saddles.

25-1/2″l x 7-1/2″h x 8″w – 10 lbs.
Mounting hardware included


Saddle racks

Bridle Racks

Care for your tack in style with our beautiful and affordable bridle racks. Available in 4- or 8-post configurations, the generous 2 ½” diameter posts keep your leather from creasing as they would with those skinny, hook-style racks, and are much more convenient – simply slide the halter or bridle off with ease. The posts are capped with plastic inserts – no sharp edges to scratch your leather or catch the lead rope on your halter. As with our other racks, these are fully welded from heavy gauge steel. Pair one or more up with our saddle racks, and we’ll powder coat them in gloss black to match.

4-post: 24″l | 8-post: 48″l

4-post: $75 | 8-post: $125

Bridle rack

Fixed Saddle Blanket Racks

Our fixed (non-rotating) saddle blanket racks are such a handy addition to your tack room. Measuring a generous 33-1/2″ wide, this sturdy rack will accommodate most any size saddle blanket or saddle pad. Welded directly to the rack are 2 bridle holders – left and right. Top it off with our durable powder coating in gloss black for a long lasting finish. Pair this functional and affordable barn accessory with one of our matching saddle and bridle racks.



Saddle blanket rack

Rotating Saddle Blanket Rack

This multiple post saddle blanket rack is a must-have for your tack room. Five posts rotate independently of each other, saving valuable space in your barn. Great for boarding/training facilities or small, private barns, these blanket racks come powder coated in gloss black.

30″h x 28″w


5-post rotating saddle blanket rack

Cross Tie Anchors

Now here’s a great little barn accessory! These brackets (or anchors) are approximately 3 ¾” square. Recess these space savers on outside posts or in your aisleway and cross tie your horse securely. Heavy duty steel with strong welds are powder coated in a 60% gloss black.

3-3/4″ square


Cross tie anchors